Commuting | Don’t Get Mad… Get Scooting!

ninjamonkey03skeuter Commuting | Don’t Get Mad... Get Scooting!

Okay, we’ve all felt the L.A. rage that happens when you round a corner or enter the freeway only to be met with gridlocked traffic. We’ve all wished we could see the other end of the city through the smog on a seemingly clear day. And over the last year, we’ve all been downright pissed off every time we pump half a day’s paycheck into our gas tanks in order to “buy in” to these problems.

I’d finally had enough. It was literally driving me mad to commute back and forth to work and my few favorite hobbies – all of which are fairly local – in my gasoline car. Even if it is a lovely, fuel efficient Subaru.

It all came to a head. I had to make a change. I wanted to become more “G”.

ninjamonkey02skeuter Commuting | Don’t Get Mad... Get Scooting!

Enter Skeuter on Washington Boulevard in Culver City. After not too much deliberation, I concluded that this reasonably priced, fully electric scooter would solve all of my problems: the traffic, the smog and the gasoline. So, I bought one.

Yeah, the color wasn’t perfect, but making the positive change for myself, my community and my planet was more important. So, on the only day of rain this entire summer, I headed down to Skeuter with my M2 driving permit and American Express card in hand and – much to the chagrin of my worrisome Jewish mother – left shortly thereafter on my red and white striped Skeuter.

Even the rain didn’t dampen my spirits.

After two weeks of Skeutering, I can safely say this is the best purchase I’ve made in a long time. With an extension cord stowed in the storage box, I’m good to go 30 miles at a time. Not only has commuting to work and hobbies been “G”-ified, it’s also become fun – which I never thought I’d say in Los Angeles.

My Subaru sits patiently in the carport waiting to be used properly… for long distances and lugging bigger cargo. It appreciates the relief from constant short trips and assures me it will stick with me a long time thanks to its decreased wear and tear.

ninjamonkey01skeuter Commuting | Don’t Get Mad... Get Scooting!

So, all I can say is this: if you’re on the fence about your transportation, climb on down and go buy an electric scooter. It’s an easy way to start rethinking the way we travel. Especially when you consider the additional perks: free parking, 16 cents per charge, no gasoline, zero emissions, fun while commuting, catching the eye of a hip “G” babe… What more reasons do you need?

How about the fact that priced at under two grand, the Skeuter pays for itself in a year? It just makes sense. (And did I mention the hip “G” babes?)

And be sure to keep coming back to the G Living store. You never know when we’ll be offering Skeuters at discounted prices.

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