COMPAI | Old Clothes Made New

compai 003 COMPAI | Old Clothes Made New

Sick and tired of the sight of your old jeans? Do the shirts in your closet no longer thrill you, but you don’t have the money to buy a new wardrobe? Don’t throw them away just yet. Try turning them into something new and exciting.

What? You’re not that clever? That’s where Compai comes in.

It’s very simple, according to this crafty green design studio in New York. The girls of Compai — Ellen, Faith and Justina — have dedicated a lot of sweat and time into figuring out simple ways of turning old into new without spending a dime. Whether it be making a T-shirt from a sweatshirt or a bathing suit from a used pair of jeans, these girls have not only come up with great ideas but are happy to provide a well-illustrated, step-by-step tutorial to go along with them.

compai 002 COMPAI | Old Clothes Made New

How do we know their ideas work? For starters, their designs have been exhibited locally on NBC’s The Today Show and published worldwide on the pages of Italian Vogue, Glamour Italy & Russia, Venus, Velvet, Sportswear International and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Compai offers limited edition recycled clothes on their website as well as a fun how-to section and an informational blog. If that’s not sufficient inspiration, you can purchase their instructional guides online.

Remember, green style isn’t only about organic fabrics or non-toxic byproducts — it’s about reusing and refashioning those things that might not be organic or sustainable to begin with.

So, the next time you’re staring blankly at the closet with nothing to wear, make yourself something using Compai’s fun, innovative ways of recycling.

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