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I’m not one for activity-planned vacations. I prefer to do a little research, drop myself somewhere, soak up some local color and then do my own exploring. I don’t like crowds and I don’t like sharing my holiday with anyone other than those I’ve personally selected.

But I got a shout-out about a vacation provider called Contiki that’s integrating a ton of green initiatives, so I thought it was worth a mention. Calling themselves the “world leader in vacation packages geared towards 18 to 35 year olds”, Contiki recently announced their plans to help globe trekkers travel carbon neutral.

By offering up sustainable tourism and being proactive in their global warming prevention, Contiki strives to make a positive difference in the tourism industry. From coaches with minimized emissions to the not-for-profit organization they set up (The Leading Travel Companies of the World Conservation Foundation) dedicated to the development of global, long-term sustainable tourism, Contiki seems to dedicated to ensuring that while their travelers are out painting the town red, they’re also thinking green.

Just how do they plan on doing this? According to their site, “Contiki has partnered with a carbon neutral partner in your region, allowing you the option to calculate the carbon footprint of your travel and contribute towards projects that will reduce the C02 emissions in the atmosphere on your behalf. This voluntary scheme invites you to pay a contribution based on the amount of carbon likely to be generated from your travel. You can choose to offset your air travel, coach travel or the energy consumed staying in your hotel accommodation.” A little virtual, but forward-thinking nonetheless. To estimate the impact of your vacation, you can use their carbon travel footprint calculator.

Like I said, tour packages are not my way to travel, but it may be yours. But seeing as how I’ve missed the age 35 cut-off, I guess it’s not an option for me anyway. (What’s up with that, by the way? Is there a geriatric sustainable vacation provider for people 36 and older?)

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