Cool Pod Kitchen From Jade Jagger

pod kitchen 01 Cool Pod Kitchen From Jade Jagger

Why do people scoff whenever a model tries to branch out and do something creative? (This is not a riddle; I’m really asking.) Is it because society assumes that beautiful people are stupid? As a person who possesses many talents, I reject this notion wholeheartedly. Besides, when it comes to creativity, who understands style and design better than models?

Which brings us to JADE, the condo-pod complex that combines the design efforts of Jade Jagger (daughter of Mick and Bianca), John Hitchcox and Philippe Starck. Under the team’s YOO label, the much-anticipated complex at 16 West 19th in New York’s Flatiron district features Jagger’s concept for a brilliant minimalist midsection. The freestanding pods demonstrate a clever way to maximize space – each contains a kitchen, a bathroom and a wardrobe. It’s the sort of tight organization you’d find on a yacht – only more modern-looking and with a distinct New York loft vibe. And the coolest feature of all? The pod can be closed off and discreetly hidden behind lacquered doors, which gives the entire room a tidy, efficient feel.

There are four different styles, all featuring a cool Mediterranean flavor. And even the names are creative: Aristo, Luxo, Boho and Baroco.

And while many chefs think bigger is better when it comes to the kitchen, my experience with New Yorkers is that eat out and order in more than they culinate. (Yes, I know that’s not a real word, but I’m trying to be creative here, too.)

About the only green function I see here is the efficient use of space, which – while not in itself all that green – might teach people that living a more minimalist existence is within the realm of possibilities.

Check out JADE’s site here.

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