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“Exclusive”. There’s something about this adjective that makes otherwise ordinary people go ga-ga. Combine that with “sustainability” and “luxury” and you could send some of them into orgasm. If that sounds like you, here’s something for titillation. Two varietals of luxury cufflinks fashioned from sustainable and repurposed materials. The best part? There’s only 18 of each in circulation — nixing that awful “OMG we’re wearing the same cufflinks” party faux pas. (Not that I’ve ever experienced this.)

The Antler Corozo cufflinks (or simply “links” as they’re known in the biz) are made from fallen rack antler horns — a naturally occurring event. At the other end is a corozo wafer button made from a sustainable South American tagua nut — which actually helps protect the rainforest by encouraging local communities to cultivate it rather than harvesting old growth trees. Sterling silver holds the two parts together.

The Indian Head Nickel links is a mixture of repurposed and natural. The former is an eye catching antique Indian nickel, produced in the U.S. only between 1913-1936. The latter is the above-mentioned corozo button wafer. Once again, the two ends are held together by sterling silver links.

Both cufflinks are hand-crafted by Coto, the New York-based sustainable luxury company, and are presented in a wooden box made from sustainably managed Canadian forests on a bed of reindeer moss. The limited edition links are only available through online luxury retailer

So, if you love luxury, care about sustainability, are a sucker for exclusivity (and I guess owning a shirt is important, too) — you might want to check out Coto.

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