Daryl Hannah | Last Day To Bid on El Camino

darylhannah elcamino ebay 01 Daryl Hannah | Last Day To Bid on El Camino

I don’t get it. Daryl Hannah’s gotten so much publicity for driving a bad ass 1983 converted biodiesel El Camino in her bid to save the world from the evils of oil… why is she selling it on eBay?

She says on her site that, despite having seller’s remorse, her intention is to “spread the love”. Is she talking about the El Camino itself or the loving fact that it “hasn’t seen a lick of petroleum” in seven years? Is she planning on converting another car to biodiesel after she sells this one? (Better yet, is this part of a bigger plan to slowly better all of L.A.’s cars, one at a time, by buying, converting and then auctioning?)

darylhannah elcamino ebay 02 Daryl Hannah | Last Day To Bid on El Camino

According to the specs, this hard-to-find car is “one of the few diesel El Caminos ever made.” Evidently only a few hundred were produced in 1983 and 1984 and for the past seven years, Daryl’s been running it on leftover french fry grease from local fast food restaurants.

While I support her and wish her sale the best, I’m disappointed to report that the auction isn’t going well. With one day left, the car’s only had 3 bids and the reserve price hasn’t been met. Which isn’t a good sign. I’d bid on it myself, but I prefer the models from the early ‘70s.

But if you want to help Daryl kick oil (“no war required…”), today’s your last chance. Click here to place a bid. But hurry.

darylhannah elcamino ebay 03 Daryl Hannah | Last Day To Bid on El Camino

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