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daryl hannah 01 Daryl Hannah | Life By Daryl aka A Love Life

Photographer: G Monkie

Lets say you are one of the hottest most famous Monkies on this hunk of rock. You know all the other cool Monkies and you look good in an eye patch. What would you decide to do with your free time.

(A) Lay around all day on the deck of a Super Yacht, eating organic raw food, while sipping some chilled organic champaign.
(B) Date Billionaires to gain access to their fleet of helicopters, so you could island hop until you found the perfect beach with just the right amount of shade?
(C) Hang out with Paris Hilton, spending night after night looking at boy toy candy, as they endlessly tell you how amazing you are and ask stupid questions like, does it hurt when your tail grows?
(D) Spend your days promoting biofuels, living greener, getting arrested while trying to protect urban gardens, while making a show about it all, which no one pays you for.

Well, you can stop guessing and head over to dhlovelife.com to see what the hot, eye patch wearing, sword swinging Daryl Hannah actually does with her time. She calls it LOVE LIFE — a life replayed through a series of images, videos and a soundtrack. Daryl goes about living her life, meeting people, exposing the bad and the good and just simply experiencing a friendlier way of living. It’s kind of like a TV show without the writing staff, the crew or an ending.

So, why am I bringing this up now? Daryl has been hauling around her handycam for years, filming footage everywhere she goes for dhlovelife.com — why feature her now? Well, its because she’s taking the time to step out and lead others when she doesn’t have to. She’s willing to get way out there on the edge without a net and tell it as she sees it. She picks up her camera and shows us what life on this planet could be, if only we really wanted it.

So, for those reasons and more, I asked the G Living writing staff to do a profile on Daryl and bring us all up to speed on how cool this woman really is.

Forward writen by G Monkie

daryl hannah 02 Daryl Hannah | Life By Daryl aka A Love Life

DARYL HANNAH | Life By Daryl aka A Love Life

An Ecological Conscious

What is it with Daryl that’s so intriguing? Her actions remind me of what Aldo Leopold first described as an ecological conscious and then as a land ethic; “a conviction of individual responsibility for the health of the land,” and other living creatures (biodiversity in today-speak). Daryl, like Leopold, swims against a strong mainstream current and, also like Leopold she has the recognition, the voice, and the passion to make others take notice. She understands clearly the personal choices – not sacrifices – necessary to lighten our impacts because she’s living it everyday, and although personal change might not be as easy as she describes (it takes some moolah to go solar and greywater), she is shining light on options that many simply don’t know exist.

daryl hannah 03 Daryl Hannah | Life By Daryl aka A Love Life

Speaking Out

Darryl’s activism comes across as neither preachy, nor over-the-edge (unless you count her 2006 arrest for tree-sitting). She profiles plenty of out-there folks on her site, but Daryl is often praised for her sustainable style and whole life. She mixes her conscious-forward choices with a heartfelt ethic of respecting all life, and she advocates that changing your lifestyle doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun – it simply means making different choices. This is perhaps the most important lesson, because there is a pervasive perception that living smarter and cleaner makes life more difficult and less fun.

Ambassador of Green

Despite the somewhat melodramatic, clumsy website, Daryl’s dedication to the environment runs deep. She was a child vegetarian, her two homes have been off the grid for several years, she buys carbon credits to offset her travel footprint, and she’s been on biodiesel since she met Charris Ford in 2001. Daryl claims that September 11, 2001, and the subsequent course of the U.S. oil policy (read war in Iraq) changed her from a closet greenie to a vocal supporter of a smarter future. She even made an appearance on Fox’s O’Reilly Factor, touting her matte-black, lowriding, 1973 El Camino that runs on biodiesel, and she had the oft-surly O’Reilly agreeing that biodiesel is a good idea.

daryl hannah 04 Daryl Hannah | Life By Daryl aka A Love Life

Is it more of the same from yet another celebrity? I’m not sure, but it’s clear to me that Daryl is paying more than lip-service to living with a lighter impact. She’s riding the wave of hip, green, popular culture and actually walking the walk, while many of Hollywood’s elite are only talking the talk. It seems to me that movie stars are uniquely positioned to push change (if they care enough) because they have both the high profile and the vast resources to make a difference. Hopefully someone in Hollywood will step forward and do for Smarter Living what Ronald Reagan did for the Christian coalition. Or maybe it will take a whole cadre: Al Gore, Daryl Hannah…

  • christopher

    Daryl’s website is not clumsy or melodramatic to me; am I missing something here ?
    It is a precarious time in history when educated people will understand my comparing “our” situation to the total disappearance of the Roman Empire and to the ways in which that happened.

    Daryl’s website is not melodramatic or clumsy to me; am I missing something here ?

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