Dave Gahan | Melancholic Introspection

dave gahan Dave Gahan | Melancholic Introspection

Review by Craig Roseberry, BPM Magazine

Depeche Mode frontman, Dave Gahan, journeys inward on his brooding sophomore album, Hourglass. The harrowingly candid opus offers an unfettered glimpse into the artist’s tormented and, often, volatile psyche, revealing a flawed man battling inner demons and salacious desires while coming to terms with maturity, spirituality and the need to find his own place in the world.

Echoing the same underpinning aggression, melancholic introspection and sprawling sonic ingenuity that defined Depeche Mode’s darker explorations Songs of Faith and Devotion and Ultra, Hourglass is a fluid and evocative self-analysis delivered with an aching sincerity, raw intensity and enticing sexuality that’s compelling and inviting. It’s a bold step forward for Gahan, illustrating his impressive transformation into a confident and mature songwriter (which was the missing ingredient from his tepid 2003 solo debut, Paper Monsters). Highlights include the sublime “Saw Something,” “Kingdom,” the electrifying come-ons “Deeper and Deeper” and “Use You,” the chillingly ominous “21 Days” and poignant confessional “Miracles.”

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