Designer Mushrooms See The Light

mushroom led lamp 02 Designer Mushrooms See The Light

When you think of mushrooms, you think of dark, dank environments. I should know, as a child we grew some in our kitchen cupboard under the watchful eye of my mother. (Here’s a tip, kids: never complain of being bored, or there’s a chance you’ll be roped into “fun” experiments such as home mushroom cultivation.)

But now, a designer from Down Under has flipped this concept on its head. The mushroom floor lamp is the brainchild of Australian designer Simon Duff, whose innovative designs promise to illuminate any dark, dank environment. Embedded in the mushrooms gills are low wattage LED lights, which offer the user the ability to change color and intensify the light source. The good part is, not only can you create your own mood lighting, you’ll be doing so in an energy efficient way.

FYI, the ‘shrooms can be used independently or as clusters. Either way, fungi has never looked so funky.

mushroom led lamp 01 Designer Mushrooms See The Light

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