Diet Wars | Alissa Cohen on Tyra Banks Show

0 Diet Wars | Alissa Cohen on Tyra Banks Show

Alissa Cohen, the raw chef and diet couch was recently on the Tyra Banks show for a special segment titled, The Diet Wars. It was a contest with 3 different diet and fitness couches who each got assigned 2 women who needed to lose a lot of weight. The group who lost the most total combined lbs won. Alissa competed against top Hollywood Diet Gurus and Personal Trainers, Dr. Ian Smith of VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club, and Jillian Michaels of NBC’s hit series The Biggest Loser. It was pretty amazing that Alissa got invited to be part of this show along with such popular and successful diet gurus. This healthy green diet style of whole food and vitamin rich raw foods is really becoming popular and talked about more and more in the mainstream. One of Alissa’s girls, Jhosie, who you see in the video lost the most weight out of any of the girls in the show. The experience she went through on the raw diet plan totally transformed her life and she decided to give up her job as a chef in a 5 star restaurant and become a raw chef in Alissa’s new restaurant she’s opening in Boston. Now that’s a transformation!

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Click here to watch the entire first and second episode of The Diet Wars with Alissa Cohen.

  • Margie Torres

    please tell me where to find your cd or dvd on how to loose weight. I am sick like your husband Im willing to try your way of life style, please also send me some of your recipes. I was amazed at the way the girls on Tyra show lost weight.Most of all I just want to be healthly. .. with all do respect MS,. Margie Tores

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