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Dirt Bike Power Minus The Sinking Exhaust | Zero X Electric Dirt Bike

Posted By G Living Staff Monkies On September 12, 2008 @ 3:41 pm In Alternative Vehicles,Biking Monkie Style | 1 Comment

Can “green” and “off-road vehicle” come anywhere near commingling, sentence-wise? I bet if you asked The Wilderness Society, the Sierra Club or any other environmental org, they would say no. (Actually, it would probably sound more like “NO!!!”) The argument being that ORVs add unnecessary air & noise pollution, erosion and contribute to species loss, habitat loss and land damage (come on — anything that features an activity called “dune bashing” can’t be good for the environment.)

But if we’re looking at a lesser-of-two-evils factor (or if by chance you’re one of those earth-conscious off-roadies), you might want to check out what Zero Motorcycles is calling the fastest, lightest and cleanest dirt bike around.

This quieter, low emissions cycle, which works both on and off the road, is “all electric and zero compromise”, according to the manufacturer.

What’s so great about it? Attacking their claims in reverse order, the Zero X is cleaner because it’s fully electric, producing less than one tenth the amount of pollution of your gas powered motorcycle. It’s also convenient, as it charges fully in under two hours by plugging it into any standard 110 or 220 outlet and will go around 40 miles on a full tank of charge. And with all the concerns of electric vehicle batteries, the X uses only “completely safe second-generation lithium ion cells to insure against thermal runaway (fire).” They’re also said to be fully recyclable.

Lightest? Not having lifted any dirt bikes lately, I can’t say for certain — but at 140 pounds, I think it’s safe to say that the thing isn’t heavy.

Fastest? Accelerating from 0-30 in under 2 seconds (which is a little scary, actually), the X’s electric motor performs similarly to a 250cc gas powered off-road motorcycle. You can also go from the 30 mph top speed of a safe motorized bike to the “wheelie poppin’ sport mode” with the flick of a switch.

Cost-wise, you’re gonna shell out between $7,500 and $8,400, depending on whether you get the standard motor or the high powered one. But if you’re gonna go dune bashing, rock crawling, trialing, mud bogging or greenlaning, you might as well be as green as you can be.

For more info or to order your own Zero X, click here.

(via The Alternative Consumer and Wikipedia)

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