A Completely Original Modern Design Idea, The Washing Tub Barrel Lamp Shade

washing machine barrel light A Completely Original Modern Design Idea, The Washing Tub Barrel Lamp Shade

How often do I go to a store and spot a high ticket item that I know would look fantastic in my home? Very. How often do I actually end up purchasing it? Not very.

It’s not that I’m cheap; for things I know I’ll keep, I don’t mind spending good money. But what usually runs through my head is: I can make one of these myself. And what happens then is I go home, add it to my list of projects and eventually figure out a way to make it. I’m pretty handy that way. What I usually lack is the idea. I need inspiration from outside sources. Which is why I like stumbling across things like the incredibly cool DIY lamp made from an old washing machine barrel.

Having never dissected my washing machine, I wouldn’t have known its barrel from an ATV tire rim, but it’s a genius idea when you consider that the holes in the side produce great ambient light, as seen in the photo. Rigging a simple bulb fixture to it would be easy and inexpensive. And what’s better than rescuing an unloved barrel from a landfill and giving it new life?

Plus, it would be a great conversation piece.

If you could only figure out a way to make it rotate you’d have a cool DIY washing machine barrel disco light. Wait — I’m adding that to my list of projects.

(discovered at Apartment Therapy)

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