DMB Hearts Carpooling Fans

dave mathews carpooling 01 DMB Hearts Carpooling Fans

The Dave Matthews Band is well known as being the eco-darlings of the music biz. For their 2007 Summer Tour, the band partnered up with green organization Reverb to minimize the environmental impact of touring by introducing an educational eco-village outside the concert, using biodiesel tour buses, recycling backstage, selling eco-friendly merchandise and eating locally grown organic food whenever possible.

The result? “Reverb calculates a total of over 3,300,000 pounds of CO2 reduced or eliminated on tour through the use of biodiesel and carbon offsets alone. This is equivalent to removing over 190 homes from the power grid for a year, or not burning 171,000 gallons of gasoline.” Nice!

For 2008, the band is stepping up their own green initiatives while also asking more of their fans, like (gasp!) carpooling, amongst other things. DMB will launch a carpooling service online for fan travel to and from concerts in an effort to reduce emissions and traffic. It’ll be interesting if this concept flies (and drives) in Los Angeles, where — in my experience — asking someone if they’d like to carpool is the equivalent of suggesting dinner with Satan.

The band will also introduce a carbon footprint reduction contest in which fans can monitor and minimize their own carbon emissions. It’s not as hard a sell as you might think. To date, “over one-third of this carbon reduction is a direct result of fan participation in the Reverb Fan Carbon Offset Program, where concertgoers neutralized the CO2 from over 1,200,000 miles of driving to and from shows.”

Obviously, Dave Matthews Band fans are an enlightened bunch… Let’s hope LA joins the bandwagon.

(via Ecorazzi)

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