Don Cheadle Uses MySpace To Promote Darfur Film

don cheadle01 Don Cheadle Uses MySpace To Promote Darfur Film

Actor/Producer Don Cheadle has found a unique way to inform people – especially the younger crowd – about the atrocities happening in Darfur. By posting an exclusive trailer for his new film “Darfur Now” on MySpace, Cheadle has found a nearly instantaneous audience –- not to mention garnered a ton of free publicity –- for this important project.

“The confict in Darfur has raged on for the past four years,” Cheadle says in the trailer’s intro. “In that time, we have witnessed horrific human right abuses, including systematic and widespread murder, rape, abduction and displacement.”

According to the film’s distributor, Warner Independent Pictures, “Darfur Now is a call to action for people everywhere to help end the crisis in Darfur. For the first time in history, the US Government has declared a genocide while it is ongoing. In this film, the struggles and achievements of six very different individuals bring to light the situation in Darfur and the need to get involved. From a UCLA graduate in Los Angeles, California, to a Darfurian woman who joins rebel forces, to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, to a United Nations humanitarian on the ground in Sudan, to an internationally known actor and activist, and finally to a community leader in a West Darfur refugee camp, the film portrays the heroic efforts of six people responding to a humanitarian tragedy unfolding before our eyes.”

Also featured in the film are Hillary Rodham Clinton and John McCain.

Darfur Now Trailer

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