Donate to Charity Water For My Birthday

what will money do Donate to Charity Water For My Birthday

My birthday is coming up on Sept 19th.. the big 43, and of course you guys know, I have received more than my share of life changing gifts this year. I am beyond blessed with all of the happiness in my life. I have found true love and complete happiness with beautiful Aria. And of course, we are now anxiously awaiting the arrival of our son, this coming Nov. If that wasn’t enough, we also have adopted, not just one, but two happy dogs. Basil our little buffalo and now baby Louie the love bug. Louie joined the family last week and I think he is a keeper!

So, for my birthday, if you have a spare $10 bucks or so.. maybe you could give it to Charity Water. They are raising funds to buy a new water drilling rig which will be used in Africa. Once they have the new rig, they will be able to provided fresh water to over 40,000 plus people each and every year. Think about it… and thank you in advance. Hope to see everyone soon.


I started it off by donating a $100

You can donate here or anywhere on the site:

You can learn all about the fund raising campaign here:

And there is a great video about Charity Water and everything they are doing here:

Louie The Love Bug!

louie love bug Donate to Charity Water For My Birthday

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