Dr. Bob Arnot Explores An Elephant Reserve In Botswana

The former on air NBC reporter Dr. Bob Arnot has moved on to his own reality show he called Dr. Danger. I am not sure if I can get into that name, but the show seems to be doing well and is now in it’s second season on the Mojo HD Network. Dr. Arnot, travels the world looking for dangerous / adventures stories to tell.

abucamp elephants 01 Dr. Bob Arnot Explores An Elephant Reserve In Botswana

This episode, which I have embedded above, is about an Elephant Reserve in Botswana, where they rescue and protect the African Elephant. To accomplish this, they have created a unique safari experience, using a family group of Elephants to carry visitors into the wild. The elephants and their 10 or so caretakers live together 24 hours a day, creating a type of extended family.

The reserve is called Abu Camp and is located in the Okavango Delta, and consist of 400,000 private acres.

The show isn’t very serious, but it does give us a chance to see a bit of Africa, and the people shaping the Elephants future.

abucamp elephants 02 Dr. Bob Arnot Explores An Elephant Reserve In Botswana

A little information about Okavango Delta
The Okavango Delta in Botswana is one of the world’s largest inland river systems. The Okavango River, born in the uplands of Angola to the Northwest, flows into and fans out across the Kalahari Desert to form an immense inland delta of lagoons, channels and palm filled islands. This fragile ecosystem remains one of the world’s unspoilt and beautiful wildernesses where a vast diversity of animals and birds can be seen. (via abucamp.com)

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