NYC Earth Day | Michael Bloomberg Draws a Blueprint for a Greener City

23mayor 600 NYC Earth Day | Michael Bloomberg Draws a Blueprint for a Greener City

Michael Bloomberg is urging a driving fee for Manhattan to reduce congestion and auto emissions. Perhaps all cities should do this. Certainly is a deterrent to driving your own ride and would motivate people to bike, carpool or take public transport more. I don’t see how taxis should be exempt though as they don’t carry many people at a time and therefore don’t offer a reduction of emissions or traffic congestion. Hopefully if this gets approved the fees earned will go directly into more and better busses and other forms of public transportation. On Earth Day Bloomberg proposed a plan at the American Museum of Natural History aimed at greening the city.

(via: New York Times)

In a quarter-century plan to create what he called “the first environmentally sustainable 21st-century city,” Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg proposed a sweeping and politically contentious vision yesterday of 127 projects, regulations and innovations for New York and the region.

The plan is intended to foster steady population growth, with the city expected to gain about 1 million residents by 2030, and to put in place a host of environmentally sensitive measures that would reduce the greenhouse gases it generates.

Mr. Bloomberg also set the parameters for what could be a large piece of his legacy as mayor. In an address outlining the plan yesterday at the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan, Mr. Bloomberg likened it to the first blueprints for Central Park more than 100 years ago and the construction of Rockefeller Center in the Great Depression.

Many elements of the plan will face political hurdles in Albany and will depend on huge financial commitments from the state and federal governments, not to mention future mayors. To start, Mr. Bloomberg intends to add hundreds of millions of dollars to his proposed $57 billion budget for the next fiscal year, his aides said yesterday.

“Our economy is humming, our fiscal house is in order and our near-term horizon looks bright,” Mr. Bloomberg said. “If we don’t act now, when?”

The mayor chose Earth Day to give his speech and to release the details of his proposals. As widely predicted, the plan calls for an $8-a-day charge for people who drive their cars into Manhattan below 86th Street. The proposal for “congestion pricing,” which City Hall believes would reduce traffic and auto emissions while raising money for transportation projects, has already been met by harsh criticism from drivers and some officials outside Manhattan.

Other proposals in the plan, dubbed PlaNYC by the mayor’s staff, range from building(click here to read the full article at New York Times)


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