Earth Friendly Moving/Moves to Veggie Oil

spencer vegcars01 Earth Friendly Moving/Moves to Veggie Oil

If you watch G Living Live, you’ll remember a creative, new moving box rental company called which created a way to convert trash from landfills into the first zero waste moving system in America! Among their inventions: the Recopack, a recycled, ecological, plastic moving box that comes in five sizes; a unique delivery pallet (made out of 500 baby diapers); Geami packing paper (from recycled cardboard); and tree food packing peanuts (made from recycled paper sludge and organic compounds).

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Now our green friends at have come up with a way to use all-veggie-oil delivery trucks that capture the electric energy created by driving around delivering rentable moving boxes and then transfer any of the unused electric energy back into the power grid at the end of the day.

Here’s the recent email update and details from the founder and product design genius, Spencer Brown.

Hi G Monkey-

We’ve entered a whole new level of delivering my recycled rentable moving boxes!

After your amazing show on my green moving box rental service- I thought that I could up the ante and really make the system 100% green! Thanks for the spark!

I’m using new and have used “used veggie oil� over the past month with amazing success!

So, basically what I’ve done is made one really sick prototype delivery truck to figure out how to be totally green (cost about $500,000.00- but so worth it in the long run). I have 6 more veggie trucks ordered and 33 coming in next year (2007). The entire fleet will use veggie oil and bio diesel.

We fire-up the engine, usually in the morning on bio diesel to warm the veggie oil to 120 degrees and then switch over to pure veggie oil (3 to 5 minutes after we start). Here’s where it gets really interesting…..

I installed a larger than normal alternator on the engine that drips extra electricity into 2 huge-recycled deep cell batteries (like tug boat batteries)… then I take that DC stored energy made from new or used veggie oil and invert it to an AC current right on the truck (self-contained power plant) to power up the geami machine on a 120v-AC current….

We make about 60 rolls of geami packing paper a day. Each time we drive to another customer’s home to drop off the Recopacks (recycled ecological rentable moving boxes)- the batteries are recharged- so, it’s an endless supply of alternative electricity made from new or used/waste veggie oil!

At the end of the day- whatever energy that I don’t use to make recycled packing paper for my clients (we come in 100% charged everyday), I plug into the grid at my building and dump the power back onto the system and my meter spins backwards (saving me money and reducing my buildings electrical usage)… it’s kinda of like a solar power system- except I can plug in 2 times a day and save about $20 bucks per truck per day or about 9k per truck per year…

I know that my intent was to make a cool packing and moving box and stumbled onto this fricken amazing way to make my own power from veggie oil…. I can’t wait until we have the 40 trucks- it’s like putting 350k back into your pocket each year! That will help fuel my growth!

And the reality was that up until your show- I really never thought about the veggie issue or alternative energy issue and how I could introduce it into my business plan and daily operation. So, again, a huge thanks for that initial spark!

After 6 months- and a shit load of green backs…… look mom- veggie oil making an alternative energy that makes the amazing Geami recycled packing paper right at the customer’s home… pretty sick- huh?

Spence (email)

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