Earthrace To Circumnavigate the Globe Via Fat

earthrace biodiesel boat 03 Earthrace To Circumnavigate the Globe Via Fat

Everywhere you look, people are attempting to come up with newer, earth-friendlier alternatives to standard fossil fuels. We’ve got electricity, we’ve got kites, we’ve got leftover french fry grease, we’ve got Willie Nelson-diesel, and now we’ve got… human fat?

That’s right. Evidently obesity does have its benefits.

Seriously, if you’re able to look beyond the yuck factor, it actually makes sense in a way. After all, our bodies burn fat…why can’t that same fat be sucked out and used for something else… like powering a boat?

Apparently it can. At least that’s what New Zealand skipper Pete Bethune is counting on. He’s pledged to make Earthrace the world’s fastest eco-boat on a journey around the globe – powered in part by leftovers from his own liposuction.

earthrace biodiesel boat 01 Earthrace To Circumnavigate the Globe Via Fat

Well, not just his own. It seems Mr. Bethune only yielded enough sucked-out fat to produce 100ml of biofuel and had to enlist two hefty volunteers to donate the results of their overeating. The total 10 liters of human fat from the three produced seven liters of biofuel, which (according to the Daily Mail) “could help the boat travel about 15km.” (Can you imagine running out of fuel in the middle of the ocean and having to eat an enormous tub of french fries just to get to the next land mass?)

While this fat-powered race around the globe rings like a publicity stunt, Bethune fully intends “to promote awareness of the environment and the sustainable use of resources” as Earthrace circumnavigates the globe — a journey of more than 24,000 nautical miles. (The current record of 75 days was set by a British boat in 1998.)

The blubbery journey is scheduled to begin March 1st in Valencia, Spain. For more on Earthrace, click here.

earthrace biodiesel boat 02 Earthrace To Circumnavigate the Globe Via Fat

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