My “G” Chic Evening Out

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Yes, the old burlap sack joke is getting a little old. No, sustainable style doesn’t mean we only wear organic T-shirts and Birks. We get it, we have some options. But evening wear? Really? Oh yes.

I pulled a Jill Danyelle (a green blogger who takes daily photos of her sustainable clothing) the other day and took a picture of my evening outfit. Here I am above, out celebrating my three-year wedding anniversary with the ol’ hub. The evening wear: organic cotton black Loyale Dinard dress, organic cotton Calla jean by Del Forte, the Mini recycled inner tube purse by English Retreads, and re-used jewelry from the Salvation Army.

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We decided to forego the gift giving this year, and treat ourselves to a fancy shmancy dinner (yes, I was the only one in the restaurant taking pics). We had the six-course tasting sampler with paired wine. Turns out “Chef,” as they call him, goes to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market and picks out all the vegetables himself. He talks to the farmers about what’s in season, what’s ripening up at just the right time and bases his menu off their input. Sure made for a tasty meal! Above, my husband during the fromage course.

Another eco-aspect of our night: We biked it. Here’s a shot of me with the high heels in my basket (I biked there in my flips and then did the switcheroo). The valet guys were completely accommodating, though slightly confused.

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We had a beautiful time and the earth lovin’ aspects only enhanced the evening. Next time you’re going to Chez Whereever, try it G style.

  • Stephanie

    Happy anniverary Summer! I love the look you put together–especially the wrapdress as a tunic paired with the jeans. Looked like a fun night out.

    Steph Z.

  • Summer

    Thanks Steph! It was a great green celebration…

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