Eco Citizen | A Boutique That Transcends Fashion

eco citizen fashion 01 Eco Citizen | A Boutique That Transcends Fashion

I don’t know if there’s such a thing as one-stop shopping for the fashion-forward “G” set, but Eco Citizen is definitely the most earth friendly find of the week. This new boutique, located in San Francisco’s Russian Hill, caters to eco-fabulous fashionistas in search of high-end, sustainable style.

(From their website) “Eco Citizen strives to offer high quality, fair trade, classic fashion design and construction to the eco-conscious consumer. Our mission is to support the planet and its people while encouraging and implementing fair trade practices, sweatshop-free merchandise, and organic fashion products. Eco Citizen promotes a lifestyle choice that goes beyond the traditional allure of fashion, by transcending the self through transparent business practices, while providing fashion-forward and classic clothing for the 21st century woman.”

eco citizen fashion 02 Eco Citizen | A Boutique That Transcends Fashion

The owner, Joslin Van Arsdale, is a former stylist and gallery director – which explains the look and feel of the place: intimate yet open, with stark white walls and blonde wood floors. Photographs of real people modeling clothes adorn the walls and sustainable curtains, shelves, tables and chairs fill the space. Eco Citizen is not kidding about their commitment to social change – their mission is to provide a fully green infrastructure within the existing fashion retail business. Green for green. And all the way green.

But more enticing than their business plan are the products themselves. From the hippest green designers — including Anna Cohen, Turk + Taylor, EDUN, Stewart + Brown, CIEL, Loyale, Linda Loudermilk, Kim White and more – come hand-picked pieces of the highest quality, design and innovation.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to be in San Francisco to slip into something sexy and sustainable from Eco Citizen. Click here to check out their online store.

eco citizen fashion 03 Eco Citizen | A Boutique That Transcends Fashion

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