“G” Style Fashion is Taking Off

199137114 f727450d21 m G Style Fashion is Taking OffJust ask Arturo, the fashion stylist I met at the Yogi Times eco-fashion shoot. For readers who don’t know, stylists are the people in charge of finding the hottest, newest clothes for a photo shoot. They spend days shopping and preparing for the shoot and also make sure the clothes look fabulous in front of the camera (steaming, pinning etc.). To the left, Molly of Yogi Times and I before the day started.

Says Arturo, “The clothes have really come a long way since last year’s eco-fashion shoot. There’s so much more to choose from. Some really great pieces.” BTC Elements sent several items over for the shoot. Arturo particularly liked the Del Forte Calla jean, and Anna Cohen’s new denim jacket for fall. The model at the shoot loved the Armour Sans Anguish that we sent over as well.

Arturo is going to keep BTC and eco-fashion in mind when styling in his future non-green projects. Keep your eyes out for the September issue of Yogi Times to check out some eco-fashion styles!

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