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When it comes to shoes, if it don’t have six inch heels and come with a gimp, I’m normally not interested. But there’s something about Simple that captured my imagination (and hopefully my corn). With a commitment to being 100% sustainable, it’s never been more attractive to don a pair of flats.

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There’s no need to sneak around the environment police with Simple Shoe’s Eco Sneak collection. From the women’s range, I personally adore the Joe Curren Retire — complete with a retro Santa Barbara skyline — which won’t have you retiring from the style world just yet. Made from PET bottles, recycled car tires and organic cotton, these sneakers are sweet and sustainable.

The mens’ Eco Sneaks are equally impressive. Made from hemp, recycled bike tires and laces crafted from recycled PET bottles, they are guaranteed to turn heads and hopefully move feet as well.

With a company focused on how they make shoes and not just why they make them, it seems this “nice little shoe company” “is getting in touch with their inner hippie”. Which is fine… so long as they keep their shoes on.

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