Ecoganik Holds Its Own

ecoganics 01 Ecoganik Holds Its Own

Ecoganik is a California-based manufacturer of funky fashions that are as easy on the eyes as they are on the planet. With the youthful energy of design duo Mallary Sante and Genevieve Cruz at its helm, Ecoganik is a sweet, savvy and ethical label with a fabulous future.

We caught up with Mallary, who says the label came about because the owner, David Chau, wanted “to make the world a better place. He wanted something that would stand out amongst other green labels. Something more chic, fashion forward, and stylish.”

As for her own goals, Mallary simply “wanted to change the world one garment at a time. Our Mother Earth is so important, and if I could put my ideas with design towards something truly great and meaningful, I would feel accomplished.” Her inspirations lie within the living — from human beings to nature — and the top three fabrics she enjoys working with are 100% certified organic cotton French terry, Supima Jersey, and Fleece -– which, she assures us, are “strictly for comfort reasons”.

ecoganics 02 Ecoganik Holds Its Own

They’ve served the company well. In addition to their sweet and elegant sun dresses, Ecoganik is also known for the fall-time favorites, organic fleece and French terry coats.

What environmental achievement is she most proud of? “Making clothing that shocks people when they find out it’s organic. And getting into LA Fashion Week.”

Does she think all fashion will be sustainable in the future? “Of course it will be. It’s the new generation. Soon, if you aren’t eco, you won’t be sellable.”

But of course if every designer goes green, Ecoganik will have to find a way to stand out. But Mallary Sante isn’t worried. “Being green is more than just tree hugging and granola. Our pieces can hold their own in any fashionista’s closet.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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