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Skin is important. It insulates us, protects us from pathogens, provides sensation and holds together all our muscles, organs and other icky bits, which — let’s face it — are called our innards for a reason. So, let’s honor our skin and caress it with the finest organics fabrics available.

Here’s one way to do that. Drape yourself in ecoSkin, an LA-based high fashion label that launched in spring 2008.

Designer Sandy Skinner’s vision is “to continually raise women’s awareness of their options. We can combine eco-friendly fabrics with a high design aesthetic.”

Having worked in the fashion industry for many years, Skinner jumped at the chance to make a difference in the world with her profession. Her debut collection was aimed at “fashion-forward sophisticated women who want to look great but care about the world and the environment they live in”.

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After extensive fabric research and sourcing, Skinner opted for a custom made fabric comprised of bamboo, tencel and spandex. The bamboo may be imported from China but its spun into yarn locally in order for Skinner to ensure high production standards and fair trade practices. The garments are dyed following the “sage guidelines for dying domestically”.

But Skinner’s efforts extend beyond production. She plans to make yearly donations to One Percent for the Planet and Animal Actors Worldwide, as well as other environmental and animal charities.

The collection is available at specialty stores across the country and on the responsible online shopping site Nimli. Lion cub not included.

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  • Stephanie – Epic Bea

    These dresses are so beautiful!

    It says the line doesn't launch until Spring '08…but it's already almost Spring '10. Typo?


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