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Ecover | Better Than Taking an Axe to Your Dishwasher

Posted By Sarah Backhouse On April 21, 2008 @ 11:50 pm In Interior Design / Home Stuff | No Comments

Not owning a TV is so passe; the new cool in ecological elitism is not owning a dishwasher. Sure, it ages your hands, nurtures obsessive compulsive disorder and sucks all the joy out of a 16-person dinner party, but it’s better for the environment. I’m proud to be a part of the wash-by-hand camp, cleaning up “as you go” and saving water.

But if you do own a dishwasher, don’t take an axe to it just yet< -- if used efficiently, a dishwasher can be a handy appliance.

To enjoy the convenience of a dishwasher while maintaining social responsibility, first remember this: half loads are for halfwits. You should wait until your dishwasher is totally packed before running it. Also make sure you are using environmentally-safe soap. Kelly Leahy of GreenDaily is having a self-professed love affair with the Ecover brand of dishwasher tablets. Yes, I thought it a bit extreme, too — but apparently they clean just as well as Cascade, leave no residue and cost just a few dollars more. What’s more, Ecover is made of plant-based ingredients, it has a minimum impact on aquatic life it’s not tested on animals and it comes in 100% recycled packaging with individual recyclable wrappers. The packaging is super cute, too. What’s not to love?

What? A washing machine you say? How’s extravagant. We wash our clothes between two rocks.

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