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ekovaruhuset 01 Ekovaruhuset | Swedish For Cutting Edge Cool

Referring to herself as the “self-elected godmother of the eco-nerds”, Scandinavian designer and boutique owner Johanna Hofring is being modest. Clearly, she also has a sense of humor. An ethical designer (who isn’t afraid to spend weeks crocheting a single garment), Hofring helped her birth city of Stockholm along the path to sustainability by opening Ekovaruhuset “House of Organic Products” in 2004. Following her success there, Hofring opened a second boutique with the same name in NYC.

All of the clothes at Ekovaruhuset are made naturally, from organic materials that don’t use chemical fertilizers or pesticides and with a dyeing process that’s environmentally responsible. Hofring notes that there are a few exceptions “such as zippers, some buttons, threads and ink for printing… areas that have not yet been perfected. We are always looking for better alternatives and are thankful to hear from you about all organic solutions”.

ekovaruhuset 02 Ekovaruhuset | Swedish For Cutting Edge Cool

Organic Velcro anyone?

What makes Ekovaruhuset exciting is its one-of-a-kind exclusive designs. In addition to Hofring’s creations, the boutique showcases the best and the brightest green designers from around the globe. From the stunning hand crochet hemp hair pieces by Taiwanese designer Xing Zhen to the organic cotton stretch jersey butterfly shirt with water based silk screen print from Japanese designer Mika Machida; the unique jewelry from Peruvian born designer Jodi Busby to the exquisite hemp dresses and cotton twill short of Taiwanese designer Meiling Chen.

All of the designs are as fashion-forward as they are sustainable. Which makes for good eco-shopping.

In Hofring’s own words, “fashion cannot be luxurious, stylish, or sexy if it is not sustainable, environmentally sensitive and socially responsible… so, we decided to redefine what it means…so our customers can shop with a light heart.”

As if we needed any more encouragement.

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