The Bridgestone Angelino Assista Electric Bike For New G/Moms

bridgestone angelino assista 01 The Bridgestone Angelino Assista Electric Bike For New G/Moms

What is a new green mom to do? Before the new g/baby popped out, she could jump on her bike and head on down to the farmers market carefree. But now that the bundle of joy has arrive, she has to think of safety first. That is what the Angelino Assista electric bike is all about. In Japan, this bike is taking off because of the integrated child child seat and safety systems. It’s like the Volvo of electric bikes.

Here are a few of the cool features on this very affordable (only $1312.00) electric bike:

bridgestone angelino assista 02 The Bridgestone Angelino Assista Electric Bike For New G/Moms

1) Motor is a 240 watts brushlees, Range 37 Miles, Weight 66 pounds, Frame is Aluminum.
2) The Super Angel Seat 2.0, providing added safety and comfort for children based on scientific experiments.
3) A reclining function has been added to this new style of high-grade baby seat fully equipped with functions to provide safety and comfort, and it has evolved into a seat that guarantees superior levels of safety and comfort for children.
4) The new style of flexible head guard that protects the head has been enlarged to not only support the head with a larger cushion (made of urethane,) but also to provide greater levels of protection. The head guard has been designed in a concave shape to prevent helmets coming into contact with it.
5) The sliding foot rests are adjustable between six stages to match up with the natural growth of children.
6) The firm but “shikkari yasashi safety belt”(gentle safety belt) fits securely over the shoulders to prevent children from standing up.
7) The fit rest can be closed when a child is not on the bicycle to turn it into a shopping basket.
8) The Auto Eco Plus function enables smoother assistance switch-over.
Hills and flat surfaces are automatically detected when [the Auto Eco Plus] mode is selected to provide assistance power control. All three of these assistance modes are selected automatically in accordance with road conditions to make cycling less bothersome and more enjoyable.
9) The LEDs used on the white flash slim battery lamp are bright and have a long life.

bridgestone angelino assista 03 The Bridgestone Angelino Assista Electric Bike For New G/Moms

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