Electric G-Wiz Vs Table

g wiz Electric G Wiz Vs Table

Here’s a car that I’m thankful has not been released in the U.S. It’s so small it’s not even a “car”; it’s “quadracycle.” Interesting that it was designed in California.

The G Wiz AEV (Automatic Electric Vehicle) is Britain’s most popular electric, but to me it represents everything we Americans fear in these small packages, namely safety. Although the 2008 G Wiz reports to have improved safety over previous versions, the only proof I’ve seen is this horrifying YouTube video in which the car is outrun by a table.

To its credit, the G Wiz offers a viable, zero-emissions alternative to city driving in the UK and it seems to be catching on. It’s not for long commutes, however, because it only has a range of 48 miles. It tops out at 50 mph, which is more than enough for the city, but even at 30 mph, crashing in this thing could be deadly.

Hopefully the G Wiz will serve as a bridge between the petroleum world and a new future (we still don’t know what it will be), and it should help to clean up London’s air. It also may bridge the gap between the passenger-car present and the individual-commuter future. But I’m not a fan of plug-in cars because even though they may save you some money at the pump, the pollution effect is merely displaced and the juice that goes into the car comes through significantly inefficient supply lines.

The U.S. should pay attention to the growing tiny car market — that is, if we’ll be able to fit in them.

  • http://www.g-wiz.org.uk Mike Boxwell

    That video is … errr … significantly misleading. The table was actually built from 1 inch thick steel veneered with wood and mounted into the ground with 3 foot long stakes.

    The chassis on the G-Wiz was cut in several places in order to ensure it crumpled correctly. How do I know? I met and spoke to the person who engineered the whole exercise. Steve was actually quite impressed at how strong the G-Wiz was.

    The Clarkson video is an entertainment video, not factual.

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