The Real G! | EMA Awards Celebrate Entertainment’s Environmental Efforts

For those of you not fortunate enough to be on this year’s guest list (or able to pay $500 for a ticket) G Living will be your eyes and ears at this year’s 17th annual Environmental Media Awards (EMAs). We are taking G LIVING’s REAL G on location, couch and all. We will make sure Nobel Prize winner, Former Vice President Al Gore, and all his Hollywood friends get cozy on the G Living Couch and get real!

So, you are saying to yourself, what EMA Awards? Well, if you haven’t been neck deep in the green movement for the last few years, you may not have heard of the EMAs, but now that the world is melting, it’s time you do. First presented in 1991, the EMAs honor film and television personalities, shows, musical artists and tours that increase public awareness of environmental issues and inspire positive action. Nominees are singled out for their story lines, environmental practices or role modeling in either their professional or personal lives.

ema awards01 The Real G! | EMA Awards Celebrate Entertainment’s Environmental Efforts

The Environmental Media Association was the first organization to link the power of celebrity to environmental awareness. They also created the “green carpet,” inviting attendees to arrive at their annual awards show in a hybrid or alternative fuel vehicle rather than a limo.

This year’s honorees are Trudie Styler, Al Gore, Kevin Wall, Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc., Sienna Miller and Incubus.

Past honorees include Keely and Pierce Brosnan, Jayni and Chevy Chase, Blythe Danner, Dave Matthews Band, Daryl Hannah, Maroon 5, Alanis Morissette, Willie Nelson, Edward Norton, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rob Reiner and John Travolta.

For a complete list of nominees or to read more about the Environmental Media Association, click here.

In addition to G Living’s coverage, the EMAs will air on E! Entertainment Television and BBC International, premiering November 7, 2007.

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