Enter the International Design Awards

societas 01 Enter the International Design Awards

Forget Batman, Spidey or any other lycra-clad superhero. If you think design can save the planet, listen up. This is a call-out to all you architects and designers of interiors, products, graphics and fashion out there. You have just over a week left to enter the International Design Awards Land and Sea Awards.

This year’s theme: Designs that Decrease Man’s Carbon Footprint.

The competition is open to both students and professionals. The challenge? To submit “realized, in-progress and conceptual work that, in some way, promises a greater relationship between man and the world around us”. Examples might include: an electric vehicle; an organic itsy bitsy bikini; a LEED certified home; a waterfront park (think big, people!); recyclable wallpaper or an alt fuel jet ski.

Chosen from an esteemed panel of international design editors from the likes of coolhunting.com, Dwell.com, House Beautiful and idN News, the winner will receive an international press campaign (their work will be sent out to 100,000 industry peers) and will have their work displayed on the IDA online gallery.

Of course, the real reward will be contributing towards saving the planet… For more info, click here.

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