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santos platform bed Environment Furniture | A Perfect Balance

It isn’t easy coming up with a new idea, but that’s just what Thomas Bina has done. While traveling through Brazil with a friend, Bina came upon what would become his design muse — a perfectly weathered piece of Peroba wood. That one piece of wood, and the natural process that created it, has ushered in Environment Furniture and the Peroba Collection.

Imagine an old shed or a dilapidated barn, leaning and nearly collapsed. I’ve just described the birthplace of Bina’s designs. EF dismantles these structures and uses the wood for new and exciting furniture. For me, the appeal is not just the clean modern aesthetic or the “rawness” of the Peroba wood that speaks to me; personally, I’m a sucker for history and a good story. These pieces of art are not just preserving the planet, they’re also preserving a piece of history. I like to imagine where some of this wood came from, and who may have lived with it before me…

environment furniture 03 Environment Furniture | A Perfect Balance

Anyway, I digress… Now, when I discovered Environment Furniture for myself, the first piece that drew me in first was the Santos Platform Bed. I think it was how simply it stood on its own that impressed me most. And the more I looked at it, the more I realized that the form had truly followed the function. A slanted headboard makes for a relaxing read and the wide platform surrounding the bed is a perfect side table substitution. But wait, there’s more. There are dining tables, side tables, dressers, armoires, media cabinets, mirrors and more. Actually, much more.

Recently, EF has flanked the coasts with style by opening two new stores, one in New York and one in SoCal. You won’t have to travel far to get to the west coast’s flagship store in the O.C.’s prestigious South Coast Plaza. And the “green” can be seen from floor to ceiling. From soy-based concrete flooring to low VOC paint to low voltage lighting, sustainability and responsibility were the driving forces behind the showroom’s design. With a new space has come new innovations. You should except to see very unusual, very hip home items such as recycled canvas from old Brazilian flatbed truck tarps as upholstery fabric on some of Bina’s sofas. And, Bina has expanded his collection further to include lighting, organic accessories and organic rugs. Let the creativity — and re-using — abound!

environment furniture 04 Environment Furniture | A Perfect Balance

environment furniture 02 Environment Furniture | A Perfect Balance

If you’re looking for a gorgeous piece of functional art that can start a conversation, help save the planet and won’t break the bank, look no further. Whether you buy an entire suite of furniture or build a room around one piece, this is a purchase you can feel good about. That is so “G”.

If you like this rustic heavy clean look, we don’t think you can go wrong picking up a few pieces for country estate or micro apartment in NYC. But here is the catch, we couldn’t find a price range or even an online store selling the furniture, so your best bet is to contact the company directly on via their site at environment-furniture.com

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