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Eskmo “Cloudlight” Ninja Tune

Posted By V Ol Blak On September 12, 2011 @ 12:36 am In G/Videos,Pop Culture / Celebrities | No Comments

Sometimes I stumble onto new music or visual which just move me. I don’t have any insightful or witty thing to say about them, they just spark something within me and before I know it, I am abusing my position here at G Living to pass that exciting something on to you. That is exactly what these two videos by Eskmo have just done to me. Two seconds ago, I had never heard of Eskmo, two seconds ago, this was just another day. Now… mmm

Okay, your it. Suck in a little Cloudlight Ninja, digest it, and then when your ready, pass this little feast on…

“For his new album entitled “ESKMO” (Ninja Tune), Brendan has abandoned the strictures of making tracks for the dance floor and the strictures of the 12” single format, and followed his visionary muse. “Before Warp and Planet Mu I kind of fell into the game of making tracks to get released on smaller dance labels, having to cater to ‘dance’ formulas,” he explains. “Over this past couple of years, I feel I’ve let go of that, and just writing the songs I want to write. I got back to what excited me about making electronic music when I started out, creating these little universes with sound and writing songs.”

The album was, he says, written over a six month stretch “in the middle of a whole bunch of personal relationship-type stuff, a lot of deep life-experiences happening that helped the music just bleed out of me. I just poured all those feelings into the music, it’s very cathartic. This is the first full body of work where I’m singing all over it, and allowing myself to get over that furlough of expression has been really liberating.” He goes on to say “Just like anything, I’m sure some people will connect and some won’t at all, but that’s not what this is about for me. Sound has always been a grounding purpose in my life. If you don’t dive into yourself as deep as you can, then what are you doing it for?“

The first release on the label following Ninja Tune’s 20th Anniversary box set signals a brave new chapter for this artist, and for electronica itself. Dreamy, haunting, full of ghostly funk and inventive sonics, Eskmo serves up electronica with a most human heart.” – Ninja Tune

Eskmo Video Land and Bones, after the jump. (official video)

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