Espace Mobile | For Living or Working

espace mobile04 Espace Mobile | For Living or Working

This fabulous pre-fab comes from the Salzburg based company, Espace Mobile. Their sleek home is made from spruce wood and aluminum metal sheeting for optimal energy conservation. Factory made and set up for you by crane, this home comes with a three-year warranty. Kind of like a car, but without the wheels.

However, unlike a car, it’s comfortable to live and work in. The interior and exterior are fully customizable, and the only things not included in the price are the piece of land you’re putting it on, the foundation, the connection costs, the transport and the set up.

espace mobile02 Espace Mobile | For Living or Working

espace mobile01 Espace Mobile | For Living or Working

If in fact you find yourself a nicer piece of countryside land, or take full green advantage and decide to move into a green living mobile home park, you can take your home with you. A bunch of these in a row would look tremendous. Buy several and start your own mobile park. Not too far-fetched of an idea, given how affordable these are, running as they do from 55.340 to 95.450 EUR (roughly between $80K and $140K). Additional features like a canopy, a terrace, or my favorite, the bridge, can be tacked on to make one stand apart from another.

As their website suggests, building with wood is possible all through the year, so it’s a go once you place the order. So, start looking for your land.

espace mobile03 Espace Mobile | For Living or Working

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