European Satellite Shows Ozone Hole

ozone hole australia European Satellite Shows Ozone Hole

A new view of the ozone by the European satellite Metop showed a gruesome reality. As of late September, the hole in the ozone was twice as large as Europe.

Kicking into high-gear, an agreement was made by 200 government officials demanding a faster approach to eliminate the chemicals thought to be destroying this precious layer to the stratosphere.

Scientist at the German Aerospace Center, after analyzing data from the Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment 2 (GOME-2), found some most unusual activity which showed a thinning of the ozone over the South Atlantic as well as South America but a thick build-up over Australia.

Although the data retrieved from the satellite in September showed a great change in the ozone over the Antarctic region, last year’s reading over the same area showed the hole to be at its maximum — larger than North America.

Which means there may be an improvement. And that something we’re doing must be working right to close these holes. However, double the size of Europe is still a massive opening. Let’s hope the 200 government officials can and will come together to make this better.

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