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evanhealy skincare 01 Evan Healy | Let Your Skin Breathe

Skin is smart. It can breathe on its own. Consisting of millions of tiny dermal passages, skin can regulate how much air, light, heat and water it lets in. In healthy skin, these passages are open to activate absorption of nutrition and stimulating restorative functions. Synthetic products — courtesy of the petroleum industry — cover and coat the skin, preventing it from breathing on its own. Which is dumb. Okay I’m paraphrasing, but this is the essence of Evan Healy skin care.

Evan developed her skin care line on the premise that “the less you interfere with the skin’s ability to achieve balance the better”. All items in her range are made from simple, plant-based ingredients and many contain organic essential oils to improve circulation, eliminate toxins and regenerate the skin. By working with individual farmers, growers and distillers, she is able to create small batches by hand that are 100% paraben-free.

evanhealy skincare Evan Healy | Let Your Skin Breathe

A holistic aesthetician with 15 years’ experience, it’s not surprising that Evan views the body in its entirety. Her signature Rose and Blue Lavender Treatment lines were developed around the two most common skin conditions she experienced. The former is for irritated, red and sensitive skin, while the latter suits out-of-balance skin in the form of an oily T-zone with dry outlying skin. Either one will restore your skin’s vibrancy and luster.

But which one should you choose? Evan suggests you trust your sense of smell to determine which is right for you. But with delicious ingredients like rose geranium, rosewood, blue chamomile and lavender, my skin isn’t quite ready to make a decision. Now that’s smart.

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