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evidence of evolution 01 Evidence of Evolution | Hot & Edgy Style

Creationists can cool their heels. By “evolution”, I’m referring to the clothing label from LA-based designers Ali Alborzi and Andrew McCarthy, not that lunatic Charles Darwin. The duo were among just a handful of green designers selected to show their spring/summer 2008 collection at LA fashion week this year.

In fact, Evidence of Evolution was chosen as the Mercedes Benz “Designer Presents” show of the week. The designers are serious about green: the line utilizes sustainable materials like organic cotton, uses low-impact dyes and no VOC water-based paints for silk screening, and works to off-set its carbon footprint.

evidence of evolution 02 Evidence of Evolution | Hot & Edgy Style

So far so good. But what about the designs?

They’re hot. And I don’t mean that in a global warming sort of way. I heart their signature unisex “I ‘recycle’ LA” fitted tees. The women’s collection ranged from Grecian style flowing tops and kaftans to sexy sultry slip-on mini dresses and retro skinny pants with layered tanks. While the men’s collection featured ‘80s style bomber jackets, rock ‘n’ roll suits and waistcoats, the items were as edgy as the models themselves. Ending the show was actor Vincent Gallo… proving there is life after The Brown Bunny after all.

Check out their line here.

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    No Pun Intended…

    Evolution has neither of these. Mutations are not \”organizing\” mechanisms, but disorganizing (in accord with the second law). They are commonly harmful, sometimes neutral, but never beneficial (at least as far as observed mutations are concerned)…

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