Fabriclive 36 | James Murphy & Pat Mahoney

fabriclive Fabriclive 36 | James Murphy & Pat Mahoney

Review by Peter Nicholson, BPM Magazine

DFA/LCD Soundsystem mastermind, James Murphy, hooks up with long-time friend and fellow New Yorker Pat Mahoney for what has to be the best Fabriclive in ages. Rarely have I heard a mix where track after track has me simultaneously nodding my head and reaching for the cover to check exactly who created each funky gem.

From new school dynamite like Baby Oliver’s “Primetime (Uptown Express)” and its unbelievably catchy, pitch-shifted vocals on Environ to major label standouts like Chic’s “I Feel your Love Comin’ On” (Atlantic) with its elephant-shriek horns, this pair craft a set that transcends time, pledging allegiance only to the groove. Sure there’s one or two spots where I might head to the bar if this were in a club (Punkin’ Machine’s “I Need You Tonight” was probably just as irritating in 1980 when it was brand new), but Murphy and Mahoney quickly regain their footing with inspired segues like 1978 Lenny Williams cut into 1993 Daniel Wang.

This one’s brilliant — and banging.

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