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A friend of mine once told me that you can get away with dressing like a tramp in L.A. as long as you had a nice watch, nice sunglasses and a nice car. Sound advice. Now add to that a nice face — and by nice, I mean young. Looking old in the City of Angels is plain unacceptable. This city is home to countless movies stars, models and celebrities whose very existence revolves around the superficial. They, in turn, are extensively documented in trashy magazines, trashy websites and trashy TV, which puts immense pressure on the rest of us unwitting trash addicts.

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How many times have you seen the headline “Fabulous over 40” with pictures of oh-so-svelte Teri Hatcher hiking up Runyon Canyon or lustrous-locked Demi Moore emerging from LA hotspot Dolce with Ashton on her arm or eerily wrinkle-free Marcia Cross bouncing back after the birth of her twins? Does it make you yearn for salad days when “over 40” meant age appropriate hair cuts, mom jeans and sensible shoes? Well — for better or worse — those days are well and truly over.

Time to face facts: if you have the fortitude (and the finances), you can opt for botox, fillers, chemical peels or even go under the knife. The flipside is, you could end up looking like a freak. Or you can go the natural route like me and visit Arcona skincare and studio in Santa Monica.

I was treated to their fruit salad-smelling “enzyme peel”, which stripped off my outer layer of skin — a very satisfying feeling, to say the least. This was followed by their “signature facial contouring”, which can only be described as a flurry of fingertips massaging upwards to banish puffiness and bring out my cheekbones.

And you know what? Natural worked. My skin looked dewy, fresh and, most importantly, younger.

arcona2 gliving The Real G! | Fabulous At Any Age, Natures Way

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