Face of Froote | Dominika Wolski

froote jewlery 05 Face of Froote | Dominika Wolski

Polish born actress Dominika Wolski is the new face of ethical jewelry line Froote. With her lean physique and penchant for sports, the 28-year-old actress is often compared to Cameron Diaz and Uma Thurman. And she’s not a bad actress either. Wolski has been a mainstay of the West Coast Vancouver film scene since her big screen debut in 2001.

Wolski traveled to Mozambique on the request of director Ed Zwick, where she to visited the set of “Blood Diamond”. She later wrote on the Huffington Post, “My own choice to be a ‘face of Froote’ instead of other brands represented how much visiting the set of ‘Blood Diamond’ and learning the history of one aspect of a glamorous icon had influenced me.”

Dominika can be seen in the Canadian series jPod which premieres this month.

froote jewlery 06 Face of Froote | Dominika Wolski

froote jewlery 04 Face of Froote | Dominika Wolski

Froote — that’s fruit in Dutch — is the brainchild of Bravo’s “Top Design Challenge” winner, Elizabeth Moore. After a long career designing sets for musical icons like Stevie Nicks, Lenny Kravitz and Prince (she is rumored to be the inspiration behind “Raspberry Beret” because she, er, wore one), Moore decided to go it alone.

Froote jewelry operates under the banner of Eco-Mergent — environment and humanity moving forward in harmony. By doing so, the designer is raising awareness about working with untreated stones and aligning with manufacturers that comply to fair trade and sound working conditions.

With ethical jewelry like this, the red carpet could get whole lot more interesting.

Checkout behind the scene footage from the Froote Photo Shoot with Dominka Wolski

froote jewlery 02 Face of Froote | Dominika Wolski

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