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music fairmont coloured in memory Fairmont | Coloured In Memory

Review by Praxis, BPM Magazine

Returning for his second full-length for Border Community, Jacob Fairley brings forth more emotive, electro-minded techno pop. Stretching the boundaries of modern day minimalism, Jacob tries to develop the perfect melody time and time again. Using clicky, percussive bits, huge square-wave bass hits, trippy synth drones and extensive effect programming, much of the music on Coloured in Memory is quite uniquely crafted for the dancefloor — but diversity is present.

“Calm Before The Storm” is a downtempo, experimental folk jam geared towards easier listening, while the spooky, surfer-electro-pop groove of “Bikini Atoll” shows what the Beach Boys might have done with rack of synthesizers. Overall, a very versatile and listen-able techno album — huge melodies, smooth mixes and out-there concepts define this as one of the better albums of 2007.

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