Fall Out Boy’s Ugandan Efforts

falloutboys african video Fall Out Boys Ugandan Efforts

I’m always leery of bands trying to save the world through music or ideas. But when Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz and more than 67,000 activists took to the streets to show support for the people displaced by the Ugandan government, the effort was impressive. “We decided to put our money where our mouth is,” said Wentz, about his band’s commitment to help impoverished children.

The evident, organized by the California nonprofit group Invisible Children, was called Displace Me, in reference to the two decades’ worth of children displaced by Uganda’s bloody civil war. But evidently, sleeping in cardboard boxes and eating only crackers and water wasn’t enough for Fall Out Boy, who then traveled to the Central African nation to film a music video and help raise awareness of the conditions there.

falloutboys african video2 Fall Out Boys Ugandan Efforts

The video tells the story of two young African kids trying desperately to stay together despite the terrible conditions around them.

Wentz knows there’s only so much they can do, but they’re happy to be involved. “Everyone’s been focusing so much attention on our band lately — and so many times, it’s the wrong kind of attention,” he says, adding that it’s “all right if the cameras follow us to Africa.”

To see a video of Pete Wentz discussing Fall About Boy’s Ugnadan efforts, click here.

  • terrranique standber

    u guys are awesome with that song dead on arrival and how cool is it to go to uganda and help those kids

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