Farmaesthetics’ American Herbalism

farmaesthetics2 Farmaesthetics American Herbalism
Farmaesthetics is a full line of premium G herbal skincare products for face & body, featured in many well-known salons and spas and for use at home. A whole system approach to sustainable beauty, predicated upon the traditions of American herbalism is a main basis for the brand. “Our products are “Greenâ€?, meaning 100% chemical-free, yet having a certified shelf life of two years. We use organically grown herbs & flowers from American family farms. We believe what is NOT in a product is just as important as what IS.” Started by the daughter of a seventh-generation Texas farming family, you will not find artificial preservatives, parabens, petroleum products, dyes, fillers, fragrances and talc in any of the line’s offerings. Though many of us no longer live on farms, or even have the time to manage our own gardens, Farmaesthetics’ skin care products offer a connection back to our pioneering, planet-loving roots.

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