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The Perfect Fashion Accessory, A Bike

Posted By V Ol Blak On October 14, 2010 @ 3:00 am In Biking Monkie Style,Style / Fashion / Beauty | 6 Comments

Photographer: The Sartorialist

I think the key to this thing we call G Living is to just dive right in. Open up your eyes, let in all the beauty around you. It’s there waiting to be re-discovered, waiting to be seen a new again. And nothing for me brings in the joy of just being more than cutting through the air on the back of a bike.

I personally have two bikes, one electric, the A2B by Ultramotor and one carbon fiber road bike by Kestrel. I love them both equally but they perform two very different transportation task for me. The Kestrel is about being connected to the road, feeling every bump, feeling the power of your own body moving you down the road. It’s about being a powerful force, which is an amazing feeling, that is if you are not too concerned about how you might smell once the ride has come to an end.

This opens up a whole world of destinations and more importantly it enables you to dress for the occasion and not the ride.

Now the A2B electric bike is a whole other story. It’s about taking you for a ride. The bike is the powerful one. Your job is to hold on and enjoy the ride, There is no effort, no worries, and most importantly no sweating. This opens up a whole world of destinations and more importantly it enables you to dress for the occasion and not the ride.

And in the spirt biking and dressing for the occasion A.K.A. Looking Hot on the back of your bike, here are just a few shots of some very care free freakin stylish flesh monkie cyclist from around the world, all via the Sartorialist ( a street fashion photo lifestyle blog ) of course. Here is to them, for making biking look so damn good and for putting my organic Levis and tee shirt outfits to shame.

Now here is a few questions for all you Flesh Monkies. How many of you out there have started biking instead of driving? Do you dress for the occasion? Can you ride safely in the city you live in? What do you like or hate about biking. What type of bike do you have? Post some comments, we would love to hear your stories.

This post was inspired by the NAU blog, The Thought Kitchen.

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