Ferrari F430 Spider Biofuel | Greener and Faster

ferrari f430 spider biofuel 001 Ferrari F430 Spider Biofuel | Greener and Faster

I think it was Socrates who first said “green stripes do not a green car make.” Or was it Confucius? I often confuse their wisdom.

Regardless of who said it first, I reckon it’s correct to assume that they didn’t have Ferrari’s new concept car in mind. But the thought certainly applies. And while Ferrari is not the first auto manufacturer to come to mind when thinking of environmentally friendly vehicles, they have vowed to lower their emissions by 40% between now and 2012.

And at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, they made a good faith gesture by introducing their newest concept, which they’re calling the F430 Spider Biofuel. Similar to the Spider we know and love, the biofuel version is powered by 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline (E85) and has a revamped fuel injection system to accommodate it.

ferrari f430 spider biofuel 002 Ferrari F430 Spider Biofuel | Greener and Faster

And just to make sure the car receives proper credit for its innovations, it has green stripes on the side.

What’s curious is that the modifications in this new Spider concept have supposedly created a car with increased power output and more horsepower than before. It also emits 5% less CO2, which is a start.

But is it greener? Only the stripes know for sure.

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