Fiat’s Electric Delivery Truck

fiat doblo01 Fiats Electric Delivery Truck

You probably heard about Tom Hanks and his Scion eBox, the electric car he uses to help friends move. But he might want to check this out: Fiat has introduced an electric delivery truck that beats the eBox’s charge time.

Check out Tom’s Scion.

AltairNano, Aerovironment, Go Green Holding, and Micro-Vett have come together with Fiat to create the Dovolo, a station wagon sized delivery vehicle with a 5-person capacity. Recently tested in Norway and currently available only in Europe, the Dovolo can run a delivery route of up to 200 miles, only requiring three stops for an approximately 10 minute re-charge each time. Other electric cars on the market have a re-charge time of around 6 hours, but they’re not equipped with AltairNano’s fancy lithium ion packs.

There is a catch to this perfect sounding vehicle, however; it needs a special high-energy power station to re-charge. And unfortunately, that type of infrastructure doesn’t exist here in the USA. Europe, on the other hand, is running circles around us, EV-wise. While not the normal charging station, this technology is moving forward, especially in über EV-friendly Norway .

While it would be great to see this type of car made available in the U.S. — I’d certainly trade my hybrid in for one — in order for this to take off here, our petroleum hungry government would have to be willing to replace our gas stations with power stations. And I don’t see that happening in the near future.

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