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The last word on Scandinavian eco-luxury has got to be FIN. This socially conscious label, which already enjoys a firm following in its native Norway, will be rocking the runways of London’s fashion week next month. With an ethical spin on timeless classics like trench coats, asymmetrical dresses, pencil skirts, tuxedo blouses and denim, FIN would be a welcome addition to any fashionista’s capsule wardrobe.

Apparently, A-listers Keira Knightley and Kate Bosworth agree.

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When it comes to eco, these Nordic types don’t mess around. FIN boasts a completely carbon neutral collection. Any carbon generated by production or transport is offset by UN approved carbon credits, which go towards a different initiative each season. Additionally, they ensure all their partners adhere to their strict guidelines on fair trade.

What I’m super excited by, though, is their breakthrough fabric for Autumn/Winter 2009 (man, that sounds far away) — wild silk. According to their website, “This silk is grown in the wild and is handpicked and hand spun by artisans. While conventional silk productions requires the killing of the silk moth at the pupae stage, the production of non-violent silk lets the pupae turn into a free and flying silk moth!” Which will then fly into your wardrobe and eat all your cashmere. (I’m kidding — just still bitter about a fabulous sweater that was once sabotaged by a moth. But I’ve got my cedar and lavender non-toxic deterrent working nicely.)

I can’t wait to see what designer Per Age Sivertson does with this innovative new fabric. FIN.

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  • equita

    Great piece on FIN. After seeing their spring/summer 08 collection, they quickly became one of our favorites among ethical & sustainable designers. FIN flawlessly combines quality design and expert tailoring with fair trade principles and enviro-friendly business practices.
    We, too are excited to see more of their autumn/winter 08 collection and their coveted wild silk. In the meantime, we are thrilled to have FIN’s spring/summer 08 line as part of our mix at Equita. The collection is a throw back to FIN’s heroine Amelia Earhart and features sophisticated silhouettes softened by the most intricate details, delicate hand embroidery and flowing ruffles of organic pima cotton.
    Shipping in March, the line will sooon be available for pre-order through our site:


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