Fin Oslo / An Organic Fashion Brand Or A Dream? You Decide

I am in the process of deciding on the look and feel of a documentary I am making. I have been spending countless hours researching and watching anything that might inspire me. Anything that might help me create a stunning dramatic film. Well to my surprise, I just stumbled upon something pretty awesome, which also just happens to be from an organic fashion brand. (something I can post on G Living YEAH!) A short film by Fin Oslo called FIN Feline. Beautiful dramatic visuals of a model, a cat, a horse and some water. Oh and yes organic clothing.

Is the fashion line a must have? I don’t know yet, but the video stopped me in my tracks and definitely makes me want to know more. How about you? What do you think? Aria said… too slow.

Behind The Scenes – FIN Feline shot on Phantom HD Gold

  • Sasha@ Blyssful Health

    Sounds very interesting.

  • Anonymous

    The conventional lobby agrees that cotton does not necessarily need excessive amounts of water, pointing out that cotton makes use of less water than lots of other major crops produced in the US.

  • Linda Coto

    amazing looking website really!

  • Armand

    Very cool, love this style of cinematography, thanks for posting. Have to agree it’s a bit on the slow side but beautifully done. Just out of curiosity: what kind of documentary are you making?

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