Fisker Is Becoming A Real Tesla Challenger

fisker karma 02 Fisker Is Becoming A Real Tesla Challenger

For the past few years, Tesla Motor has been the only high performance, high design, electric car company in the headlines. Taking all the glory and all the bashing that comes with creating a forward thinking company like Tesla. But that time seems to be coming to an end. A one time Tesla partner and now competitor, Fisker has developed their own line of cars, called Karma. Their very first extended range all electric luxury sedan is about to hit the roads, the company says in late 2009.

But Fisker is done, they have already developed a second generation car called the Karma S- for Sunset — concept that debuted at the Detroit auto show shares its gas-electric drivetrain with the Karma sedan but wraps it in an even sleeker two-door body that could see production within two years. The California startup’s range-extended electric vehicles — like the Tesla Roadster, Cadillac Converj concept and high-dollar hybrids from Mercedes and BMW — point to an emerging market of premium green cars that place as much importance on performance as they do efficiency.

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Not bad for a company that is barely two years old and appears to be on target to put its first cars in driveways by the end of the year.

The Karma will work much like the Chevrolet Volt, delivering 50 miles of all-electric range before the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine kicks in to drive a generator that will recharge the 22.6-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery and provide juice to keep the car moving.

Though Datz’ couldn’t confirm it, one source tells us Fisker Automotive is “flush with cash,” and another says it paid at least one supplier in cash, bumping its job to the top of the supplier’s to-do list, because most automakers take months to pay their bills.

Still, Fisker still has to get its car certified by the feds — an arduous task that some industry insiders doubt it will complete before the end of the year, particularly since we haven’t seen running cars.

Fisker says he’s received orders for 1,300 vehicles, and he tells The New York Times his company would turn a profit if it sold 4,000 cars annually. The goal, he says, is to sell 15,000 worldwide each year.

fisker karma 03 Fisker Is Becoming A Real Tesla Challenger

fisker karma 04 Fisker Is Becoming A Real Tesla Challenger

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  • Wade Jackman

    Sounds like Steve Jobs Bill Gates. Although the struggle for electric power seems kind of silly when theyre still using tons of petro for production. Not to mention PVC and all kinda of caustic chemicals. I’d like to see the auto industry focus on cleaning up their production process.

  • mike

    four words for Fisker cars:
    Sick, Wicked, and Nasty!

    Cant wait to do some silent burn outs.

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