Fisker Plug-In Hybrid | Spendy But Stylish

fisker 01 Fisker Plug In Hybrid | Spendy But Stylish

Green gets stylized with an air of sophistication as Quantum Technologies and Fisker Coachbuild LLC team up to bring us Fisker Automotive, Inc. Calling themselves the green American premium car company, their first roll-out will be four-door plug-in hybrid premium sports sedan, which is slated to debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

The price tag for this eagerly anticipated vehicle starts at $80,000. Sound a bit steep for a sedan, I know — but just wait until you see what your money gets you. The performance details include being able to achieve an impressive 50 miles on a pure electric charge. (Utilizing an optional gasoline or diesel fuel engine can extend that to 620 miles.) And those of you wanting to do your part to squash the foreign oil biz will be glad to know the Fisker also provides a whopping 100 miles per gallon of performance.

“The sleek design accentuating the long hood is a direct result of our breakthrough chassis, which carries the battery pack at the center of the vehicle between the two axles,” explains designer and CEO Henrik Fisker. “This positioning provides optimal vehicle driving dynamics, maximum safety, proportionate design as well as industry standard performance figures within this car class.”

Riding in style always seems to come with a price, but at least with this car, it is not the Earth that has to pay it.

If the Fisker actually hits the highways, it should be around fourth quarter ’09. For more information, check this out.

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